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Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC)

Organised by our 2nd General Supervisor – Mother Lillian Brookes-Coffey

Mission Statement

The Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC) is an group that ministers to young women ages 18-40, married or single.  YWCC encourages holy living and dedication to Christian Service in the church and community. YWCC also addresses numerous concerns of young women which may include: finding a mate, home building, meal planning, parenting, child care and development, understanding teenagers, marital issues, etc. Additionally, YWCC is designed to be an asset to the local church and pastor, as well as the district, jurisdiction, and the national work. 


Although the YWCC serves women aged 18-40, it includes the fellowship and instruction of mature women and mothers who serve as teachers and council mothers for this organization.

The Purpose of the YWCC

The purpose of the YWCC is to produce virtuous, godly, and holy women of God through teaching, mentoring, encouraging, empowering and equipping them in the word of God to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  To exhort young women to be humble, selfless servants and disciples of Jesus Christ who seek to labour and to win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven; and to get and keep young women focused on the Word of God, applying the Bible’s Truth and principles to their lives and thereby enabling them to live victorious lives in Christ Jesus.  We aim to be united with one accord as we seek to be holy, virtuous women who please God and support our Pastor in carrying out the vision and mission of COGIC.

There is no limit to the contributions of the Church's mission if this group is well organized.

This organization promotes the idea that women can be actively involved in other areas of the church. Carrying on her work in the Young Women's Christian Council need not prevent a young woman from working in the educational departments of the church, such as the Sunday school and YPWW, or other departments or auxiliaries.

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