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Our Vision

For women of all ages to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Mission

Provide leadership and direction that will impact lives through Prayer, fasting and sound biblical teachings to enable us to perform Matthew 28:19-20


  • Train and educate our trainers.

  • Educate and empower women of all ages.

  • Provide mentorship.


The overall aim of the Women’s Dept is to provide Spiritual growth and development.  We will endeavour to ‘ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER/ENABLE, AND EQUIP’ our women, no matter what the age, or stage of their journey, through development of the whole person.  This will be done by inspiring, supporting and challenging one another as women of the Gospel.  Creating a space for our women to feel welcomed, valued and connected to others.

We aim to ensure that there is something for women of all ages to engage in, whether married or single and regardless of where they are on their life’s journey

The Mission

What We Want

As a Department we have 3 main aims these are:


It is our prayer that God would create a culture of encouragement in the Women’s Dept.; helping us to love one another in specific, tangible ways like encouragement.

Encouragement is important to the church, 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  See also 1 Thessalonians 4:18 & Hebrews 3:13. Without encouragement it is easy to feel unloved, unimportant, useless, and forgotten. God knows we, His people need reminders which is why He calls us to encourage each other every day until His Son returns. (Hebrews 3:13).

We want our women to know that they are valued.



The aim is to provide all of our women with many opportunities to serve across a number of auxiliaries and areas within their local church, District, the National church and their communities.  We want to enable and empower our women to develop their God-given skills, talents and resources, by teaming up with mentors, role models and other women within the church that share their passion and areas of interest and expertise.  It is our desires to see the women within our department excel, to realise their full potential in Christ, to exceed their own expectations and to reach higher heights and deeper depths.




We believe that each person has a gift or gifts placed within them by God, and that we should stir up these gifts and not let them lay dormant.  We are committed to helping people develop and use their gifts for the good of the church and the glory of God. Our purpose is to promote the vision of the Pastor by inspiring women to live a wholesome and Christ centred life, grow deeper in their love for God and one another, share their faith with others and use their gifts in ministry. 


We are committed to passing down the legacy of the Church of God in Christ to the next generation by equipping, empowering and educating our children and young people, by being role-models living a Christ centred life. We valued the development of the whole person.​​​


Be Known For The Beauty That Comes From Within

Peter 3:3-4

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