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Christian Women's Council (CWC)

The Christian women’s council was organized in November 1994 by Mother Emma Crouch; the 5th General Supervisor.

Mission Statement

To serve as a Beacon Light to younger women, enabling them to establish and maintain Godly standards in church behaviour, community relationships, home building, child development, self-improvement, and thus become soul winners.


The Christian Women's Council is one of the greatest auxiliaries in the Women's Department, of the Church Of God In Christ. As a group of Christian women, we are devoted to the service of the Lord, to pray, to do good works, and to the word of God. The focus is the well-being of the home, and the up building of the kingdom of God through work in the church. Our earnest prayer is that God will use us as instruments of his love, for better homes, better communities, and a better country, as we work together in unity and in faith as holy instruments given unto God.


The Purpose of the Christian Women's Council

1.   To inspire spirit led women in their continued support of the Lord's work.

2.   To promote and retain the values and principles of Holy Living by precept and example.

3.   To provide opportunities for exchange of ideas on current issues in these chaotic times.

4.   To motivate high moral and spiritual standards among women.

5.   To utilize our knowledge, gifts, talents and experiences to help others.

6.   To reach out and respond to the needs of humanity. (Seekers for salvation, the

     unreached, etc.)

7.   To promote within the hearts of women, meekness, unity, loyalty, courage, respect for

      leadership, and above all love of God.


8.   To render service whenever needed in the local church, the district, the jurisdiction and     

     the National/International women's work.


9.   To work together in unity and fellowship toward a common goal (fostering opportunities

     for social activities that build and enhance human relations).

10. To encourage Holy Living in every aspect of one's life.

11. To establish relationships in home and church.

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